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Fundraising Events

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Tower Of Power

Supporting The Global Airborne Brotherhood

If we could dry and repack the chutes following our highly successful water jumps we could do more of them. This Program is targeted to reach $10,000 that will enable us to dry 100 chutes in 2 days (200 to dry after typical water jump into Lake Dora) as opposed to 2 mths currently

25th Anniversary Operation Silver Wings

Combining the Silver Anniversary, Family and Friends Day and the International Round Canopy Accuracy Competion

This is building to be PABs biggest day ever, We have Multiple DH6s booked and are waiting to confirm at least one C47, Round Canopy, Friday and Saturday with a great deal offered on Tandems by SDC for Saturday pm, plus the 3rd Annual International Round Canopy accuracy competition over the Friday and Saturday

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