Operation Pathfinder

25th Anniversary of Phantom Airborne becoming a Brigade

Operation Pathfinder - The 25th Anniversary of The Phantom Airborne as Brigade | PAB Quarter Master (

The Phantom Airborne Brigade inc. (an IRS 501c3 company), has developed and designed a set of coins,  to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the PAB. These will be the highest quality (see Tower of Power coin or 82nd ABN 100th Anniversary) and delivered over the coming year.

The PAB is a member owned “Not For Profit” Florida based company. We have IRS 501c(3) status as a recognized charitable organization. As such, all donations (cash or kind) is / may be considered as USA Tax deductible (even this coin set) . We have NO paid employees, everything done is by members volunteering time and funds. EVERY cent goes to supporting the original intent of the PAB and the betterment of the Airborne Brotherhood., the PAB provides a safe and secure environment for these unique warriors to openly discuss Airborne lives and experiences with likeminded persons, paratroopers are your worst enemy, or your best and most reliable friend. To the non-airborne, civilian or soldier, we may seem weird or odd (especially when greeting each other), however, the Airborne Spirit is unique and is shared by every airborne soldier (parachute) worldwide.

So, about this specific “call to action” 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this very limited production of a set of 12 coins (plus one, yes one will be a surprise). This set honors units and persons who have jumped with The PAB over the years and a special coin honoring all paratroopers who have already landed on the great DZ in the sky. For example, but not limited too.

USA:  82nd 101st 173rd, SF, USMC, Rangers, Overseas countries Paratroopers from, UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Italy

The subscription price is based on 10 equal payments for 13 coins

Each coin is uniquely numbered, and the same number will be sent to the subscribed member. Earlier you order the lower the number, (1 and 4 already gone).

Until the set minimum order quantity is reached, Single coins cannot be purchased by non-subscribers. Subscribers can request additional coins and when minimum (only 100 sets) is reached personalization of additional individual coins will be possible. Details to follow when production is a go. If a NO GO ☹ then a full and complete refund will be made.

sign up for a set, then feel free to browse the site.

The funds raised by these coins are to be used to provide firstly “jumping Slots” for paratroopers with either financial, physically, or mental issues, service derived or not, and finally when really successful to fund the formation of a Pathfinder Platoon, to further enhance parachuting opportunities for all members.

Put in simple terms, each set sold, on average, covers the costs of one paratrooper jumping again, When we get donations for 100 sets the cost of training and equipping a Pathfinder Platoon (Free Fall team if you haven’t already figured it out) is on the way to being covered.

So, sign up early (and its also a great Christmas present for a paratrooper) so we can reach the minimum required to give the GO command, in any case even If you can’t subscribe for whatever reason, then let all your contacts know, and publicize on as many facebook / social media sites as possible, this helps as much.

Let’s hit the minimum before the end of October

All correspondence through, QM Barrie Day at    if you know him you have his txt / phone number

Thanks for your time and attention, even if you can’t personally help this time, feel free to post / copy to any and all of your contacts, that in itself is a great help.