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Tower of Terror appeal $10,000 needed ASAP

Why do we need a drying tower?

        Perhaps the most popular event we stage, is a water jump from a C47 into one of the many lakes around us in Florida. Indeed our highest altitude jump was into water over Key West (20,000+feet). 

       Today (mid 2021) we are already fully booked for 3 more jumps into Lake Dora, each involving approximately 100 paratroopers for later this year and early next, and one into a local lake for 30, If we get the air equipment dried and packed quicker, we could do more.

     As the only facility of its kind in the area we are sure it will be popular, not only with PAB, but with other round canopy teams here in Florida.


Getting equipment repacked quickly

     Simply put for every 100 jumps, it is 200 canopies (main and reserve) and equipment that needs to be COMPLETELY dried and then repacked by trained and certified FAA riggers. 

     We have partnered with Elite Rigging Academy (ERA) an FAA certified Master rigging school to do the packing, we need to deliver the mains and reserves to them quicker than the months it is taking today. 

     They have generously donated the land required, next to their facility at Zephyrhills, we need to build the tower. The design accepted will allow simultaneous drying of over 100 canopies at a time, and thus reduce the total time to days.

Partner with us to get this built

     We need approximately $10,000 in cash or kind to get this built, If we exceed this amount the remainder will go toward Aircraft cost making future jumps more affordable for our airborne warriors, and enabling us to allow some of the more worthy (disabled) to jump for free.

     Click on any of the images to be taken to the donation page, donate and as a thank you we have some unique Phantom Airborne gifts.

2021 Donation Drive: Get Involved
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