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joining Instructions
Phantom Airborne Brigade Inc

Our home DZ is at Skydive City, Zephyrhills (see map).
Saturday of the Jump, you need to be there for 06:30, unless advised otherwise. We jump early as that is when winds are most favorable for us. 
You will go through Sustainment training and Aircraft familiarity (if its been awhile since last jump or a different aircraft type).
JMPI is usually complete 30 minutes before loading.
Normal aircraft is DH6 Twin Otter containing 15 paratroopers, 1 JumpMaster and 1 Air Safety. 
For Safety, we have one designated and qualified DACO/DZSO with assistants. If you are new to PAB one of these will be designated to watch you specifically and advise throughout your descent. WE HAVE AN UNMATCHED SAFETY RECORD, and have no intent of loosing it, Safety IS our number one priority.
Friends and Family are encouraged to attend all aspects of your day, Pre-Jump, Jump, and post -Jump food and refreshments .

Suite 16, 4439 Sky Dive Lane, Zephyrhills, Fl, 33542

Participation Instructions: Contact


DD 214 or Foreign Country Equivalent

The PAB is unique in USA based round canopy Teams, in that we DO NOT train, or accept as Full Members, non military trained and qualified paratroopers.
Yep, No pure civilians wanting to be, no non military STATIC line airborne qualified personnel of any type. 
It is your responsibility to supply us with proof of Airborne Qualification (not an ebay certificate!!!) at least 1 month ahead of you jumping with us, giving us time to check authenticity, yes we do have pretenders trying to get in.

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Release of Liability

You are partaking in this activity purely voluntarily, no one is forcing you to do this, indeed only 10% of real paratroopers actually like the parachuting part. If you are one of the 10% continue, if not or are being pressured to do this against your will STOP NOW and do not sign up 
As you have continued, you are going to have a number of "release of liability" documents to sign.  One from PAB, one from each Aircraft Platform group (eg C47 from VAC), One from the DZ being used, etc etc, Take your time, read and understand each one, not that anything will happen with us, however if it does no one anywhere has any liability except you.

Uniform and Equipment

1st and Foremost SAFETY is the thing we think about most.

Therefore PAB retain Elite Rigging Academy (ERA) to store, maintain, repair, and repack all our Air items. They are world renowned as the number 1, FAA approved, Master Rigger school. They ensure, and are themselves regularly checked by the FAA, that our air equipment is packed and maintained to the latest standards, and that NO none manufacturer approved modifications or changes have been made. 

You are jumping with the latest and safest Equipment.


You don't need to waste a fortune on this if you don't want to, if you are doing just one jump, then cheapest will do.. The uniform we wear is the latest Multicam (or MTP if outside USA). It is current issue and can be purchased at many suppliers for a reasonably small amount. You will need sturdy boots (you're airborne qualified I shouldn't have to explain this !!!!!) and you will need a helmet, NOT a ballistic type, no one should be shooting at you. These can be obtained from Amazon (MTP or Green) for upwards of $15. 

Participation Instructions: Get Involved

Documents to DownLoad

Available for Download

VAC Participant Agreement

PAB release

Sky Dive City Release

Participation Instructions: Files
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